Health Counseling 


To promote stamina and robustness through personalized Health Counseling focussed on centering individuals mentally and providing tools for inner strength and resilience in times of crisis.


This holistic methodology was specifically developed for the prevention and effective intervention in both your private and your professional environment. It combines classical medicine with proven complementary healing methods. The focus is on the uniqueness of the individual person and is tailored to the specific needs.                     

Develop and foster your inner strength and resilience for more: Life Energy - Balance - Vitality             

Focus Topics

  • Mental Power
  • Happy Serenity
  • Peace of Mind
  • Healthy Stress Management
  • Effective Burnout Prevention
  • Strong Back
  • Restful Sleep
  • Vital Nutrition
  • Healing Laughter


360° Medical History

Structured survey of individual areas:                                            Health & Regeneration, Personal Growth, Connectedness, Meaning

360° Diagnosis

Evaluation of the individual asserted status quo:               Identification of current areas of concern in a holistic context. Optional further clarification by a specialist in case of special questions

360° Therapy

Individualized measures:                                                                       based on classical medicine and complementary healing methods to restore your overall well-being

  • Individual instructions on site of tools that can easily be blended  into routine care
  • Location-independent, flexible follow-up through videoconferencing
  • Tasking & feedback-reporting ensure fast and sustainable progress

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