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Customers who place their trust in us

  • United Nations Organizations
  • Princeton Library (USA)
  • pure encapsulations Inc./pro medico HandelsGmbH
  • Whole Foods (USA)
  • Styria Media Group (Austria)
  • Business Women’s Association (Australia)
  • Allianz Insurance (Germany)
  • Commerzbank AG (Germany)
  • Austrian Professional Medical Associations
  • Dental Training Institutes (Germany, Austria)
  • Austrian Federal State Government
  • Wockhardt Limited (India/Germany)
  • Sanofi Aventis Groupe
  • Merck & Co., Inc.(USA, Europe)
  • GlaxoSmithKline (Austria)
  • esparma Pharma Services GmbH (Germany)
  • Orthofan (Italy)
  • Aurea Inc./ESW Capital Group Company
  • Instituto de Neurolingüística Aplicada (Brazil)
  • Caniu GRC Management GmbH (Germany)
  • update Software AG (Austria)
  • Serviceware SE (Germany)
  • a.o.

Strato AG_Media_Picture Archive

Client Testimonials

"After I repeatedly reached my professional limits in this challenging year, Dr. Hruzek taught me techniques and exercises aspart of a personalized Health Counseling program to prevent burn out in stressful situations and to successfully recharge my reserves even with short periods of relaxation. And she did this with empathy, humor and great personal commitment. Thank you!"

EH, Critical Care Physician, Austria

"The current crisis has significantly increased demands on me by customers, employees and family. In order to handle this situation, Dr. Hruzek developed a personalized resilience program for me. The practical measures have definitely improved my performance. I get positive feedback from those around me and I am more relaxed and more focused in high stress situations. Especially the 360- Degree approach of Dr. Hruzek helped me find the path to strengthen my resilience and has motivated me to work on this area. I should have made use of this competent support much earlier!"

HM, Managing Director Management Consulting, Germany

"Two days of health counseling with Dr. Hruzek and I feel my inner strength again. I finally understand how important resilience is for my health. I have learnt how to protect myself. Dr. Hruzek works in an incredibly competent manner with a lot of empathy."

IA, Art Management, Germany

"In the 'Healthy Leadership' seminar, Dr. Hruzek gives a fascinating insight into how one can gain new access to better leadership for employees with a fundamental understanding of relevant neurobiological processes. Highly recommended!"

GR, Managing Director Finance & IT, Austria

"In the 'Healthy Leadership' seminar, Dr. Hruzek gives a fascinating insight into how to become a better manager to your employees based on a fundamental understanding of relevant neurobiological processes. Highly recommended!"

GR, Managing Director Finance & IT, Austria

"I had already read several articles by Dr. Hruzek on the subject of resilience. In her module ´Leadership for Health´, Dr. Hruzek expertly explained how brain-friendly leadership works and how motivated employees can lead to productive results. This made me a better leader."

AW, VP Marketing & Sales, Germany

"I managed the week at the critical trade fair very well. My performance was far better than in previous years. Thanks to your professional preparation and specific recommendations, I was able to add recovery phases, including healthy power snacks and targeted relaxation exercises. Communication with prospective customers was more successful than before and led to new deals. You helped me a lot at a critical stage of my professional and private life!"

SP, Senior Director, Germany

"My effectiveness in meetings has increased dramatically. Dr. Hruzek gave me the direction and realization that I actually have the ability and tools to use stress in my favor. The results have been amazing."

CG, CEO, Germany

"Dr. Hruzek makes a positive difference to people in a humorous, dynamic and empowering way. I never thought I could handle stress that easily and productively…"

MK, Lawyer, Austria

"The Body-Mind-Soul Principle© provided me with the tools and resources to transform and re-energize my entire life, body and mind. Dr. Hruzek is extremely passionate and inspirational. Her teaching is clear, concise, articulate and very exciting."

JB, Music Producer, Australia

"Dr. Hruzek is charismatic, authentic, and radiates endless energy!“ 

CP, Financial Analyst/Brazil

"Her highly positive, motivational approach is contagious."

AE, Chief Physician Health Care Center, USA

"Valuable, useful and applicable tools that I can use tomorrow!"

BA, Entrepreneur, Germany

"I've been to many different seminars in the past and this has been the most life-changing and productive. I would highly recommend anyone who wants more out of life to attend."

TS, Director Equity, France

"I consider myself an experienced Manager, but I learned more in a few days here than in all the other courses I have attended over the years…and the peak performance program is great fun."

HS, Partner Global Consulting Company, Germany

"I feel happier, content and much more energized using the motivational strategies I learned in the seminar. There is a noticeable difference in my performance and effectiveness within my team and with clients, more than I thought was possible. The impact is amazing!"

LF, Dentist & Oral Surgeon, Germany

"I have been meaning to contact you to thank you for a wonderful opportunity to broaden our communications horizons. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I believe you have given us a way to continue to evolve towards our better selves. Thank you!"

MK, Director United Nations Organizations

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