Our goal is to provide lasting personal and professional success for our clients. performance & more translates to

m  Motivation - to enhance performance & exceptional results

o   Orientation - to set & achieve outstanding goals

r    Resources - to fully exploit skills & maximum potential

e    Energy - for more vitality, enthusiasm & lasting success


Gisela Hruzek is a Medical Doctor, Business Consultant and an Expert in the field of Healthy Performance. She assists companies, organizations and individuals to maximize their performance by providing expertise in Health Promotion, Business Performance Enhancement and Leadership Excellence. 

She combines her medical background with many years of management experience in international businesses and multicultural environments.

In her lectures, consultancy work and training programs, she introduces effective methods specifically developed by her in the field of Resilience Enhancement, Healthy Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Business Excellence, Peak Performance, Empowering Motivation, Brain-Friendly Communication and Mental Strength, all focussed on successful and sustainable outcomes.

As an internationally renowned speaker she lectures her programs in the US, Australia, Brazil and Europe. Her clients range from International Companies, Organizations (UNO, Governmental Agencies) Business Associations, Professional Chambers to Educational Institutes.

Member of the working group for Company Health Management - BGM Consultants of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce/WKO

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