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What Body Language Tells You:                                          Read, Interpret and Utilize Signals Successfully

Every human interaction contains a multitude of valuable information. Those who are rhetorically brilliant but only focus on the spoken word are at a clear competitive disadvantage because they will be judged in the context of both verbal and non-verbal signs.

NEW: Convince & Win With the ISU-Methodology©

Our innovative approach 

Understanding the neuroscientific and biological processes that underly every human interaction opens up significant benefits for you. An essential success factor of our ISU-Methodology© is the active consideration of both - conscious as well as unconscious - mechanisms of body language and their practical application. This provides an accurate decoding of different behaviors and the successful control of your own signals.

Your Benefits

You will acquire the skills to accurately interpret and use non-verbal information: to assess people correctly, to make the most of your social interactions, to maintain good relationships and to avoid conflicts. You will also improve your ability to convince, inspire and win in negotiations. Our practice-oriented methodology gives you fast, impressive results.

Your Wins

  • Winning appearance
  • Solid knowledge of human nature
  • Efficient communication
  • Healthy self-awareness
  • Sovereign bargaining power
  • Authentic persuasiveness

Our Range of Services

  • Individual Training and Coaching:                             specifically tailored to your personal needs. For executives, entrepreneurs & self-employed
  • Companywide Programs:                                               creation of tailor-made solutions and implementation of training sessions adapted to the respective areas - Key Accounts, Procurement, Sales, M&A, R&D, HR, PR, IT, Finance, Corporate Health Management, etc.

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