Convince & Win With The ISU-Methodology©

"ISU" stands for "I see you" and represents a major breakthrough of perceptual acuity at the highest level. The ISU-Methodology© we developed is based on 10 main factors for the accurate decoding of body language signals, micro expressions and so called "tells", and how to use them effectively in daily business. As a Medical Doctor and Management Consultant I draw on a wealth of experience from more than 20 years of practice in a wide variety of fields in an international, multicultural context.

Core elements of our ISU-Methodology© include

  • Neuroscientific basics & mechanisms
  • Structured analysis of micro expressions, verbal & non-verbal "tells"
  • Case studies from different areas of application
  • Practice-oriented implementation & group exercise
  • Feedback/(video)analysis
  • Control loops of interaction: send & receive signals & respond

We offer our services in German, English, Italian, French.

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